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ALPA White Paper

Aircraft cybersecurity: The pilot's perspective

Aircraft interact with countless different networks around the globe, all with varying degrees of security, so cyber attacks pose an ongoing threat to aircraft. However, experts within the government and industry have expressed somewhat divergent views about the potential for such threats to be realized.

Future of airline operations

Operation Control Centre perspective

This brochure was developed based on the results provided by the OCC project as part of the SESAR programme.

Operational improvements for Flight Operations Centre (FOC) – usually known as Airline Operations Centre (AOC) or Operations Control Center (OCC) – were developed during the last five years of the Single European Sky ATM Research (SESAR 1) programme.

SESAR aims to modernise the Air Traffic Management system with a view to:

  • increase safety
  • reduce environmental impact
  • reduce ATM costs
  • increase airspace capacity

The following operational improvements will allow airlines to increase the efficiency of their operations.

Dossier 45 – Cyberattacks targeting air transport

Executive Summary and Recommendations

The Working Group of the Air and Space Academy focused its thinking on the following theme:
Cyberattacks may cause accidents or create serious incidents that endanger
passengers and crews.
How to reduce the risks of occurrence and avert their consequences?